How to get started

BaseCal is a web-based software tool available at In order to make use of BaseCal, you first need to register and create an account. After registering, an activation notification with a password will be sent to your email account. After you log on, you enter the main screen. The main screen has a section to manage your projects and a section to manage your calculations.

When starting a new calculation you have to enter some (mandatory) properties, such as tag number, and link these to a pre-defined project name. Furthermore you can add a reference and add notes in the text box. Next, you select the measurement: differential (level or flow), gauge, or absolute pressure measurement. The last step is the selection of the mounting style of the transmitter in relation to the diaphragm seal which is visualised in different drawings. Click start and you enter the calculation screen to start making theconfiguration.

The calculation screen is divided in 2 sections. On the left side you can enter all the different variables for the calculation in 6 different sections: 1) mounting position, 2) transmitter, 3) process data, 4) diaphragm seal, 5) capillary, and 6) filling fluid. On the right side the calculation outcome and the diaphragm seal performance is shown. The diaphragm seal performance consists out of the Total Probable Error and the Response Time of the diaphragm seal application