BaseCal³:  diaphragm seal performance calculation tool

BaseCal is the web-based performance calculation tool for diaphragm seal applications, powered by Badotherm. The tool is intended for instrumentation engineers or anyone wishing to understand the effect of all variables and conditions of a diaphragm seal application. The tool calculates the total installed performance of the diaphragm seal application, including the transmitter. BaseCal allows you to easily change different variables and conditions, so you can simulate and analyse the effect of these different variables.

Mounting a diaphragm seal to a pressure transmitter changes the performance of the transmitter. The diaphragm seal application will have additional temperature and pressure effects and changes the response time depending on the transmitter diaphragm seal configuration. The performance of the entire system needs to be evaluated when specifying a diaphragm seal system for a new application to ensure satisfactory performance once installed.

The tool will help you select the best diaphragm seal application. The tool can also be used to evaluate and analyse existing measurement problems in your process. Our objective it so help you acquire more understanding and knowledge regarding diaphragm seals mounted on pressure instruments and overall, engineer better applications.
BaseCal is designed to support the user in selecting the correct diaphragm seal configuration to measure level, pressure, or differential pressure. It is not only the selection of the type of diaphragm seal that is important, but mostly the combination of all critical values that determine the performance of the application. BaseCal uses exclusionary logic to align Badotherm diaphragm seals with a variety of well-known industrial transmitters.

  • •BaseCal ensures no combinations can be configured that would result in non-reliable measurements. Especially for dP level applications, during the design you can prevent non-reliable measurements. 
  • •BaseCal will not generate a result when the configuration made that is in conflict with diaphragm seal technology.
  • •BaseCal is based on the laws of physics and provides possibilities and limitations for diaphragm seal technology.

BaseCal provides a total probable error (TPE) and response time based on the process conditions. It is important to know that BaseCal is independent and will not favour any particular solution or transmitter manufacturer. The outcome of a correct selected configuration and the diaphragm seal performance are warranted by Badotherm. This warrantee is only valid when the diaphragm seal application is assembled and tested by Badotherm.